Ned flanders dating

In "Moms I'd Like to Forget", she fights a fifth grade teacher, Mike, who talks badly about her students; this leads to a massive teacher brawl.

In "The Ned-Liest Catch", she is suspended from teaching for spanking Bart and is placed in the Teacher Holding Facility.

Since then, Edna's attitudes to Skinner have vacillated between passion and disdain in various episodes.

In The Simpsons Movie, she can be seen at the Green Day concert on top of Seymour's shoulders wearing a T-shirt saying "Not my boyfriend" with an arrow pointing down at Skinner.

In "Regarding Margie", she and Principal Skinner are seen making love on a golf course.

Then he climbs off and she says, "Birthday is over, Seymour", and lights up a cigarette. During the 22nd episode of the 22nd season, "The Ned-Liest Catch", Ned and Edna began dating (Though the two have dated previously in the episode "Alone Again, Natura-Diddily").

is a fictional character from the animated American sitcom The Simpsons, who was voiced by Marcia Wallace from 1990 until her death in October 2013.

She was the teacher of Bart Simpson's 4th grade class at Springfield Elementary School.


It would seem that after years of frustration thanks to the school, and Bart Simpson in particular, this wore away. She is said to have come to Springfield to begin teaching in "The Seemingly Never-Ending Story".

In the episode "Special Edna", Skinner proposes to Edna, to which she agrees.


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