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Les exemplaires originaux dont la couverture an papier est imprimis sont filmte en commengant par le premier plat et en terminant soit par la dernidre page qui comporte une empreinte d'impression ou d'illustration. Tous les autres exemplaires originaux sont filmte en commenipant par la premidre page qui comporte une empreinte d'impression ou d'illustration et en terminant par la dernidre page qui comporte une telle empreinte. r Cost, gorge, loll, shone {rmt shon), troth, was, chaps Doric, Georgics (J«r-jlks), gorgeous, horrid, hostage, laurel ordeal, sorry, sort, nominative, carol, orthoepy (Or-tllo'-g p! In the following avoid the sound of b in old foreliead, (for' 6d) forty, fortnight, holocaust, homa-e jocund cerer, solecism, portent (p Or'-t Snt), portend (p Or-tg Jid'). bomb, comrade, donkey, grovel (gr Ov'-l), hovel (h Ov-Sl), hover sovereign (s5v'-gr-In), yonder. The sound of o before f, th, or s in the same syllable and in -ough (-«f), though generally denoted by 5, is b^ any good speakers pronounced somewhat, though not quite, like •aw, as in h'oth, soft, cross, cough. 32 Brooch goal (wo« gool), groat, gro.ss, scroll, sloth volk yok) bowspnt (bowsprit), homely, ogle (ogl), ogr; (o^er) on v {not iinly), onyx, phonic, tophet, trophy. i_^™'f ./'"1C3 I X.'BTrf^w* '111 ■*\f^-%-m\ ^J9\&ry-\ji. The last recorded frame on each microfiche shall contain the symbol — » (meaning "CON- TINUED"), or the symbol y (meaning "END"), whichever applies. " ^' ^ ^ ^''°^''' ^"^^ ^ joterie(-rl), potable, vocable, nomenclature, Bowie knife Accented on the second syllable, opponent, patrol, provocative, revolt. -\x\X~\t\jj £i J, • Here lived is from life, not from live^ 14 THK HIGH SCHOOL ENGLISH WORD BOOK. The sound of f, and (in nephei'and Stephen, of V, are sometimes re], « i LT^ ^ stands for the aspirate, o^r sound prol^ed by^l'et Tini'&rh pass forth unchecked. I repres Tnte no sound whatever, as in heh; honor, hour, W^^S^d always after r, as in rhetoric. y 12 VLt',^''^^ ^^^^ '^^^ ^ *^" l^«^*^«" i* has in sound- , ■?! c£b S, I, cuirass (kw I-r Ss') gulfed :il;l:r:i«' ^"^ ^"""'' "' ^-^ « «p«-i'y Accented on the second syllable. -^ -^ ^ K 1\^~7^^''''^ the sound of I for S in final syllables as instid bedstid, for imtead, bedstead, also of -mttnt for -ment as element. (Avoid the sound of S in met for the accented syllable ) demon, eape (eger) epoch (e'-p Ok).


Whenever possible, these have been omitted from filming/ 11 se peut que certairtes pages blanches ajouttes lors d'une restauration apparaissent dans le texte, mais, lorsque cela itait possible, ces pages n'ont pas M filmtes. a£ Accented on the second syllable astute, consume, presume (pr S-zum'), denude, pursuit. J3.— Pharmaceutical is pronounced far'-ma-su'-tl-k51. Ex before the accented syllable, beginning with a vowel or h, has the sound of eg Z, as in exhaust. • Here, oa always In re-spelled words, ow is sounded tut in uw L I !! L is generally silent before f, k and m, but not in idle. N damn, damning, conderan-ing, hymn-ing, contemn-er. P (ph), contempt, pneumatics, pneumonia, psalm, ptarmi- gan, psychology, pseud- (as in pseudonym). T often (ttf n), soften (s Of'n), mortgage, apostle, epistle, wrestle, forecastle (fok'-sl), mistletoe (iiilz'-l-to), chasten, fasten, crlisten, chestnut, Christmas, boatswain (bosn), ballet (b&l'-la), haricot. Exceptions: gear, geeso, gewgaw, geyser, gibber-ish, gib- bose, giddy, give (and its derivatives), gig, gild, gilt, gills, gimbals or gimmals, gimlet, gimp, gingham, gird, -le and girth, girl, gizzard, begin. ■ I in the case of the prefixes COBL-, in-, Syn-, un-, except in concord (kong'-kawrd), concourse, concubine, congress, conquer. —English should be pronounced Ing'-gllsh not Ing'-^sh. bourgeois (French middle classes), bdrzh-w&'; (a kind of printing type), b^r-joys'. Additional comments:/ Commenuires supplimentairet: L'Institut a microf ilm£ le meilleur exemplaire qu'il lui a eti possible de se procurer. T is generally silent in the endings -stle, -sten, as in jostle, moisten, Q68'-\, moys'-n), christen (kris'-n).


Les details de cet exemplaire qui sont peut-Ctre uniques du point de vue bt Miograph Klue, qui peuvent modifier une image reproduite, ou qui peuvent exiger une modification dans la methode normale de f ilmage sont indiqufe ci-dessous.

CIHM Microfiche Series (Monographs) ICMH Collection de microfiches (monographies) Canadian Institute for Historical Microraproductions / Institut Canadian da microraproductions historiq jas Ckf\A This Ced( 10X Technical and Bibliographic Notes / Notes techniques et bibliographiques qjes The Institute has attempted to obtain the best original copy available for filming. Di (asunder), except in dilate, divers, and a few rare words. Re before a vowel, or when the word as a whole means to do again what the latter part denotes ; e.g., recount, to count again ; recount, to tell ; recreate^ to create anew ; ricreatef to refresh. Also before e mute, as in seethe, lithe, blithe, loaf he, and in the following plurals baths, paths, laths, truths, youths, oaths, sheaths, wreaths. Unaccented ce, Ci, ti before al, an, On, OUS, ent, ence represent the sound sh, as in ocean, optician, tertian, partial, herbaceous, spacious, conscience. D, handkerchief (h Sln'-ker-chlf, nothing-), Wednesday (wens- da).



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