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Carol keeps close tabs on the online dating scene, and she pays particular attention to new trends that could impact men and women down the line. Carol pointed out that social media integration has become more prevalent on many dating sites and apps.

Carol is living proof that online dating can work, and many singles appreciate her down-to-earth approach to dating coaching.

“This provides a sense of safety — almost like you’re being set up by a friend, or a friend of a friend,” Dr. “In other words, it gives the illusion that these are not complete strangers.

They come with references, and in this day and age where catfishing is so prevalent, this is a nice option to have — especially for women.” Social media integration can speed up the signup process and add a new level of accountability to online dating. Carol pointed out that it’s harder to ghost someone if you’re in the same social circle, and having mutual friends can ensure daters treat one another with dignity and respect because someone they know may hear about it if they don’t.

It wasn’t easy, but the process taught her a lot about herself, and she ended up meeting the love of her life on a dating site. Carol found her happily ever after online, and now she has dedicated herself to helping others find similar love and happiness.

Her newly launched website Her Side His features her online dating coaching services and other self-improvement tools geared toward men and women in the modern dating scene.

“At least there are people who know you and could hold you accountable.


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