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I couldn't care less" CG, Liar & Coward I mentioned the poll timer because you didn't mention what type of server to which you were connecting in your starter post. Exchange does indeed push updates to Outlook *if* you have the Exchange Caching option enabled in Outlook. It is possible in a network that a gateway, router, or other intravening network device is dropping UDP packets, or even a firewall that blocks incoming UDP packets (since they are separate of TCP outbound connects that request inbound TCP connects, like when connecting a web browser to a site, because UDP is non-synchronized in that the UDP you get back isn't associated with any TCP or UDP outbound connection).If UDP packets are getting blocked from Exchange to your Outlook client, you have to start looking at just what is in the network (hardware and software) between your host and the Exchange host.“Use Cached Exchange Mode” is likely disabled because of a Group Policy that is in effect on your computer.If you are on a company network, you might want to contact an administrator to disable it. In OL2003 (might be similar in OL2007), under Tools - 2007 has the setting, just in a little bit of a different place. Now before you suggest, and i do change it i'm confused why this setting is there in the first place.I thought with exchange, new email sorta got pushed down automatically when it's on the server. -- Littleguy The spiritual path - is simply the journey of living our lives.

The Offline Address Book (OAB) is automatically updated every 24 hours, unless Microsoft Outlook is set to Download Headers or Outlook has detected a slow network connection and On Slow Connections Download Headers Only is selected. NOTE Cached Exchange Mode is available on the File menu only when you are using a Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 e-mail account.As a result, Outlook 2003 can only use polling notifications in online mode, which are still supported by RPC Client Access.This will result in a slight delay in updates to item status (up to a 1 minute delay) when changes are made to items in a mailbox accessed by Outlook 2003.I did a little digging and found the below article on Microsoft’s Knowledge Base.

It seems that Outlook 2003 and Exchange 2010 don’t always like to play nice together.Example, i can be on the phone with a co-worker and he say's let me send you this and he does. Everyone is on a spiritual path; most people just don't know it.



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