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Handsets available as of March 2013 include the Samsung Galaxy S II, the HTC Wildfire S, and the Alcatel 606A, among others.Pricing for the phones ranges from to 0 with no contract.It did resurface a few years later, though; in 2011, the first Android-capable Razr — the Droid Razr — was released.The Kyocera Slider was also the first slider phone I recall ever seeing, thanks both to that commercial and to one of my best friends my freshman year of college who actually had one. Described as “equally styled for the office or the nightclub” (seriously), it featured a “large, 65,000-color display” that slide up and down, revealing and concealing the phone's keypad as it did so.Not going to lie: They looked kind of like bricks (and for the curious, this one here is a W800 model). It got the job done, and back when most of us still mostly used our phones as…The fact that such a brick-like phone was released in the mid-2000s is unusual, given that the trend has always been for each successive generation of devices to be thinner and more lightweight than the ones that came before.



Given that most phones wouldn't even Although most of us probably associate the word “Walkman” with the portable cassette players we used in the days before not only MP3 players, but even (gasp!

I still they're kind of cute in a weird sort of way….


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    OXFORD, Ms — Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema and his wife Jen were arrested Saturday night following the Razorback’s game against Ole Miss for disorderly conduct and indecent exposure.

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