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(Also, a majority predicted that the next public advocate would go on to run for mayor, while only about a quarter said the office should be abolished.)Now, in this week’s “Ask the Experts” feature, we ask five experts to share their insights: Chris Coffey, who leads the New York practice for Tusk Ventures and for Tusk Strategies; Harry Giannoulis, president of The Parkside Group; Sid Davidoff, senior partner at Davidoff Hutcher & Citron; Ben Max, executive editor of Gotham Gazette; and Lupe Todd-Medina, a political consultant and the founder of Effective Media Strategies.Lupe Todd-Medina: With the lieutenant governor's race in his rear view, Jumaane Williams is the favored candidate for the public advocate seat.Next Tuesday, New York City voters will cast their ballots for one of 17 candidates for public advocate in a citywide special election.And with a crowded field seeking to fill the vacant office, no major party lines and an unusual February date for the contest, it’s unclear who will win.Conventional wisdom is that the electorate will consist mainly of progressives.

Sid Davidoff: It’s a very tough race to call, with 17 candidates on the ballot.

They took out six members of the IDC, beat or almost beat incumbent congressional members, and took out numerous incumbent legislators.

Whoever wins this vote, plus turns out their base, wins the special election. Voters under 50 will be a larger share of the turnout than ever before and the only ones paying attention.

I mentioned O’Donnell and the Upper West Side vote.

Can Ulrich lure enough moderate Democrats, independents and Republicans to the polls for him? Whether any late-breaking endorsements come in could also make a difference, like if Blake’s old boss Barack Obama puts something out, or if The New York Times editorial board comes in strong for someone, or a large labor union or two decides to make a last-minute splash. It is so hard to predict who will actually vote in a citywide special election for an office most people have never heard of.

That being said, I think the collapse of the Amazon deal creates a bit of an opening for a pro-Amazon candidate.



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