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As they made the usual chit-chat he began asking about "her blonde friend with the hot little ass." Perhaps she wouldn't have been quite as frank had she not been so thrilled to be talking to him. Knowing his reputation, she summed up Sarah for him: they had been friends for three years, she was a senior volleyball player at Jefferson High, loved porn and anal sex, and more than anything was hoping to find a really hung guy. After moistening her middle finger she slowy placed it in the center of her friends ass cheeks and carefully pushed the tip into Laura's anus.She flashed on an idea, adding "it's her birthday in two weeks ya know. You may be just her thing." Tommy, who didn't drink, was smiling at her in a way that gave the distinct impression that he hadn't believed a word of it. I gotta split now, but have her get ahold of me sometime." He had started away, stopped, brought his wallet out, removed a small piece of paper and handed it to her. Sarah was all aflutter upon hearing about Tommy, his reputation, and the conversation he and Laura had. Now Steve, on the other hand..." They both laughed again. Laura was looking over her shoulder at Sarah, not quite sure of what to make of this since neither of them had ever expressed any interest in the other.She fancied herself as the Backdoor Girl Next Door.She had lost her anal virginity during her sophomore year at a post volleyball game rally."Do you really think you can fit that big of a dick in your ass? "He might just bust your crack, you know." It was Sarah's nineteenth birthday, and they were discussing her big date with Tommy tonight as they watched an online porn clip Sarah had downloaded.It was Friday, they had just gotten home from school, and were in a tizzy over the weekend's upcoming event.


During her volleyball games she'd wonder how many men out in the bleachers were looking at her ass, wanting to sodomize her.She didn't let on though that she was already well aware of Tommy, a junior at her brother's college, who, as reputation and rumor had it, was endowed with enormous sized equipment, and apparently loved banging horny freshman chicks in the ass with it.


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