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We found that we shared the same tastes in movies and music and that we had shared many of the same experiences growing up, despite me being from Indiana and her from California and Nevada. HE'S NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO RUNS OFF AND MASTURBATES! I DON'T THINK MY PUSSY HAS EVER BEEN SO WET AND HOT! The bottoms came down to about mid thigh, exposing plenty of leg.

It was like I found the sister I always dreamed of. I left several buttons undone and bent over to experiment, looking into the mirror to confirm that in that position, anyone could look right down my blouse and get a great view of my tits hanging down. " I muttered to myself, giving myself one last glance in the mirror. Overall, I wasn't dressed that differently than I might have been usually.

I work as the manager of a flower shop and while we're not rich, we do get by okay. Now I think I'm pretty good looking for a woman of forty-one.

Donna: WHEN JOHN HIT PUBERTY, DID HE EVER PEEK AT YOU? YOU KNOW HOW THEY ARE WHEN PUBERTY HITS THEM -- LOL! I COULDN'T CLIMB OUT OF THE SHOWER OR CHANGE CLOTHES WITHOUT HIM BARGING IN! It wasn't the first time my son had "accidentally" walked in on me in the shower -- over the years, he had caught me naked many times, but I wrote it off to a typical boy's case of raging hormones. This was a little beyond anything we'd ever discussed before, but I considered Donna a good friend and I wanted to be honest. JOHN CAUGHT ME NAKED COMING OUT OF THE SHOWER JUST A COUPLE OF WEEKS AGO. LAST SATURDAY I SAW HIM IN MY BEDROOM MIRROR PEEKING AT ME WHILE I WAS GETTING DRESSED. He had been practicing hard and I felt a little dizzy as I smelled his sweat and musk.Mature women can be defined as women in their 40’s and early 50’s.You’ll find the best selection of aged women on this page.We were also proud mothers, bragging about our sons and their accomplishments as they made their way towards graduation and laughed and fretted about their own adventures with love as they went through puppy love and then first serious crushes and heartbreaks as well as their misadventures -- Donna and I consoling each other when we had to punish them for some silly thing or another. I felt my pussy tingle afresh as we talked about our boys peeking at us. " I moaned a little, and a fresh trickle of juices oozed from my cunt as I slipped a finger inside, shivering a little as my labia clasped my probing digit. EVEN CHANGED MY PANTIES AND BRA AND GAVE HIM A LITTLE SHOW WALKING AROUND THE ROOM NAKED! It would be interesting to see how long it took my eighteen year old son to notice. I know I'm not objective about my own flesh and blood, but I think John is a handsome young man.


As time went on, Donna and I became so close in our internet chats, we found ourselves able to talk about the intimate details of our lives -- almost no detail of our sex lives were kept back from each other, as we described the rare occasions we had lovers as well as what we liked sexually. This was naughty talk and it felt like nothing had before. I remembered a moment a few weeks ago as I was drying off in the bathroom and John has walked in unexpectedly, finding me fully naked. ) I GOT A LITTLE TURNED ON AND DECIDED TO TEASE HIM. I groaned a little and plunged three fingers into my pussy. John came bounding in a little before six o'clock from baseball practice. He towers over his short mother, standing just a hair shy of six feet and has lost most of his youthful slimness, his chest and arms becoming that of a man.

In our first conversation, we both laughed over and over as we kept replying to each other's responses, "Me too! I shivered as I considered her question and was faced with the realization that I was about to confess to something that would be considered terrible by most people. Donna: CARMEN, HAVE YOU EVER CONSIDERED TEASING HIM? I remembered lying on my bed, knees drawn up and spread wide as I finger fucked myself as I dreamed of parading around in front of my son in all sort of nasty ways. I shed my plain cotton panties and slipped on thong panties, turning to admire my firm tush and giving my butt a little shake as I looked at my bare cheeks.


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