And if you sent hi to me, and i replied you back, then we don't know how to talk haha just this Sky- danianasution or telegram @danianasution cause i'm Not go..... I come here to meet any person who advance in korean to help me improve my skill. I know basic dutch and french, but now i am focus on English - to improve my performance at work. I need to improve my speaking skill because I intend to take master degree in Australia. i am open-minded person and love to learn new culture all over the world. is Lucy,19y.o this year I'm from Indonesia I'm a bachelor's student and my major is Science of Nursing at Health of Science Institute in my town I'm interesting about oncology ^^ I'm Christian (I hope I..... If you Korean, speak english well and need to improve your bahasa, let's connect! Please free to contact if you want to exchange language in indonesian/engli sh/others.. and i wish we can exchange some information about .....


"It's totally OK if you miss the day," she said, "it's more about the experience." Pretty generous of her, right?

It is also a great way to improve your writing, reading and grammar skills.


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