Stop quickbooks from updating error updating database php mysql


Make sure it is not being used by another program or a read only file" "Windows error was 'the file exists'.

It helps organizations manage their money, pay their employees, and pay their bills.

This is probably the most common issue, as well as the most challenging to troubleshoot.

Quick Books is insistent that the data file be located on the C:\ drive.

That means even if your data file is on the Q:\ drive (and that Q drive is on the local machine but shared, so Quick Books THINKS it's on a different drive), Quick Books could have an issue with the rebuild.

I am getting a message saying "QB is updating files. 99%" It seems to be stuck and will not complete the update.


Then I get a message "The file you specified cannot be opened.I do a lot of work on Quick Books and have gathered some of the common issues I deal with almost daily.


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