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But once again, Federer found some of that grass court magic he carries with himself and mounted a charge. I have Been watching tennis for over 50 years and this was the ABSOLUTE BEST EVER!Two thrilling tiebreakers, two sets to Federer, game on. I would argue the best sporting encounter of all time, not just best tennis match.It was a scintillating display of exciting baseline rallies, pin-point net play and masterful serving.It was also brimming with drama, especially in the fifth set, where there were plenty of break-point opportunities, close games and momentum shifts.Most people will tell you that their final at Wimby '08 was the greatest match of all time. Roger can't break Novak for 3 sets, then, down 5-2 in the fourth, gets consecutive breaks to save the match. Roger playing so well at 33 against a 27 year old opponent of Novak's caliber simply cements his legacy as the best ever.

Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal (2008 Wimbeldon Final) I cannot believe that it has been 10 years since this unforgettable match took place.John Mc Enroe (1980 Wimbledon Final) There are two era's of tennis, the old era which is dominated by wooden rackets and older equipment (essentially pre-graphite), ending at around the early 1990's and the new era where predominantly the technology outgrew the old style of playing and used the lighter carbon-fibre rackets, allowing for more "flamboyant" "squash style" strokes and producing faster ball speeds, which in turn required a different sort of player than the old era.


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