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“Jamie and I talked a long time before we actually wrote any music,” Mosshart told NME. Therefore, it can exist forever if we want it to.” Asked if she’d ever be able to work with anyone else the way she works so closely with Hince, Mosshart replied: “I feel so lucky to have found Jamie.“We had this whole mentality more than an idea, but we talked about what we loved. We spent a long time getting to know each other before we got to go into a studio and so it does feel like it’s a lot more than the band. It’s the luck of my life really, to find someone who is as passionate about it as me, and is willing to go through that crazy shit – willing to give up everything else. Bet Kate never had this problem when she was dating Pete Doherty... Such a shame, too; it was only last November that Kate and Alison were reported to have ended their previous feud.Alison Mosshart declares her love for her Kills band mate Jamie Hince Let's hope Kate Moss has been staying away from all press whilst in Thailand - she might need another holiday to get over what her boyfriend's band mate has been saying... Speaking to Vogue, Alison Mosshart, who used to date Jamie Hince before he got together with Kate, explained: "Jamie and I are like a ridiculous married couple. takes us down some new roads as far as Kills records go.


"I was coming to the UK a lot, staying in this flat down-stairs from him," she says over the phone from LA. *Photograph by Edouard Plongeon.*When Alison Mosshart and Jack White formed The Dead Weather in 2009, a nation of Chelsea Girls and Modern Gainsbourgs trembled at the prospect of no more Kills records. Did you change your approach to writing at all over the break? He was writing a certain type of really English song. This is gonna be a really different record than the one before it.” With two people in a band, you’re pretty limited, in terms of what you can play, so it’s always going to be the idea over the ability. Pre-order it on and listen to the new single, “Satellite,” below.


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