Updating 360 dashboard

Now harder to pirate Apart from that though, the update also makes life difficult for pirates who use a modded Xbox 360.

Not only does the update flash the console to the new dashboard version, it also flashes the DVD drive back to the original firmware because of the need to support a new disc format.

However, it seems they have already come up with a countermeasure for this problem, despite rumours that Microsoft will be able to detect modded consoles immediately following this update.

It should take less than 10 minutes to download and install. Midnight launch parties are happening all around the US, including a big spectacle at Times Square in New York City (where I'll be).

Get in line early if you wanna get your Kinect face on, because Microsoft is strumming up as much hype as possible to get those units off the shelves.

That's because a key component of the update is better integration with next-gen Xbox players.

While some gamers will be transitioning from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox Infinity (or whatever you want to call it) in the Fall, a lot of gamers won't be ready, or willing, to make that day 1 purchase.

As was mentioned, this update is only one of numerous changes coming to Microsoft in the future.



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