Updating a powerpoint slide

This is really quite simple, especially since you say you want to change a slide that's not currently in view (which can get tricky due to bugs in some PPT versions). You'll have to save the presentation as PPTM or PPSM rather than PPTX/PPTX.

If that suits your needs, static link to a volatile presentation (but with a stable filename) might be the thing.

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Visit Stack Exchange I need to find a way to update a powerpoint slide mid-presentation with images based on audience feedback (ie.

Ideas thus far: MDT is closer than he might think; I used to brief a stack of presentations some of which were being edited during the show.

The key is to create the master presentation as a smooth interface to a collection of presentations.A possible solution is placing the graphic on a slide master, but that doesn’t give you the flexibility to have different layouts, positioning, and animation of the graphic across different slides.



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