Updating products in virtuemart

virtuemart_category_id[0]=29&Itemid=229&option=com_customfilters&view=products Cheersat Object. Maybe I should sue Themler but that's not my style, I just want answers, which ironically is what Themler call their help section. Themler have two choices; Either urgently fix the issue with Virtuemart Ajax not working in Themler or remove Virtuemart as a supported product.Please make your mind up because I will have to rebuild my entire website in Wordpress Woo Commerce if you are refusing to and/or are unable to fix this long standing issue.You wrote the same tips and tricks bullshit as 9 posts before. Richard Hi I totally understand and agree 100% that Themler should be addressing this not us as we pay them not the other way round.However, I am a sole trader so do have the resources to fight Themler. It there a workaround to get Products variants to work in Product listings like above?Cheers Hi I raised a post with Virtuemart as below to ask how to get variants working in product listings. topic=139001.0 They pointed out the functionality is working but my template does not display it.


Thank you, Olivia Hi After working with a Virtuemart Developer I have found a solution to get Product variants dynamically updating in Product listings.

There is no such feature available in Themler and Themler Price control does not support re-counting on the Products template because there is no feature which requires re-counting supported on the Products template.



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