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Just another unique feature to the space that sets us apart from anyplace else. #events #venue #danceoff #livemusic #party The Underground 65 North University Ave 801.812.0573 The Provo Town Square Bridal has started at our sister space @bellroom_adobe come check us out for our great vendors and 30% off our venue space (for any type of event) #bridalfair #weddings #provorocks @bruges_waffles @themightybaker @foxgloveutah @justinhackworth @andrewbeesleystudio @qpcollections @bryanniven @misterpauper The Underground 65 North University Ave 801.812.0573 Few people know about the Underground's best kept secret: The Game Room.

It full of literally hundreds of collected artifacts.

The underground is one of the two venues here at Provo Town Square, come book an event today!

Check it out and tell us in the comments what you think!


Closely resembling a Prohibition-Era speakeasy with stone walls, intimate lighting, and gaming tables, the Underground has a perfect atmosphere for private shows, sophisticated company parties, unique receptions & more.Steal these ideas before they become standard wedding fare.We'd love to see a wedding like this here at the Underground. The Underground 65 North University Ave 801.812.0573 This rad photo set up was put together as part of bridal show called Lavish & Fabulous.The Underground Social Hall features a built-in stage with lighting, game room, moveable bar, and all the options you could want for an incredible event that is CERTAIN to impress.

A limited supply of tables, chairs & other equipment is available.The lamp pictured was handcrafted here by us, along with several other decorations. The Underground 65 North University Ave 801.812.0573 "A guest box instead of a guest book, where guests can record a message on video... And besides, according to the experts, handwriting will be phased out within 20 years anyway."



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