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I prefer to check with the Process class manually for previous instances and optionally establishing a connection to the previous instance using TCP.

If connection fails the old instance is not working any more.

Does the value of Ind Val exist in your Drop Down List items?

but I want to check if it exists first or I'll end up with errors if it's not present. Once their value is set I presume the next list gets bound at that point?

Any help is greatly appreciated So your having problems making the "splash" screen update? Regarding your "side note" question, I do not exactly understand what you mean.

Just to make it clear for you though, single instance application means one simple thing: You cannot run this applcation 2 times concurrently. 1.) I think it is per user session, but using the single instance option is in most cases not an ideal solution.

The single instance feature prevents a second instance from starting, but afaik there is no way to catch that event, so there is no chance for you to inform the user that in old instance of the software is running etc.



Net also allows defining other value types of variable like Enum and reference types of variables like Class. Numeric literals are rvalues and so may not be assigned and can not appear on the left-hand side.

I'm building a stocks app that will be retrieving data from my broker and display them in the DGV.



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