What does validating feelings mean


Or we control the people in our world by killing them with kindness or managing everything by ourselves. The problem is we keep God at arms length and try appease Him with church attendance and trying to be nice. Meditate on them by reading them quietly in your heart and prayers. Ponder your questions as you read and re-read these scriptures in the light of the truth they present.

God’s love and acceptance is the key to value and significance. I am convinced that you will begin to know God and yourself in a more intimate way as you mediate on scripture.

Don’t let your life choices be determined by other’s opinions. Hundreds of similar statements are coated as self-improvement advice around the term “validation.” Let’s start with a cute food story.

While placing a home delivery order from a nearby restaurant, my friend (let’s call him Mark because it’s a cool name) turned to me. Neither of us had tried the food at this place before. The food’s taste wasn’t going to change, but Mark felt contented to have my approval onboard.

It has gotten a bad name due to a backlash by self-improvement blogs against it.

Isn’t it time we break down the validity of the adviceagainst seeking validation? As much as you might love to say that you’re open-minded, it’s difficult to hear out people that have contrary opinions.

I trust that the God of all the universe will meet you their.

As per Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (a psychology theory), esteem and love/belonging are an essential component of human motivation. We share photos and update statuses in the hope of getting approved by our Facebook friends.

A great validation-seeking example from our daily life is Facebook. When the “you look gorgeous” comments and ‘hearts’ flow in we feel happy.

As long as you don’t consider Facebook as an extension of your identity and get obsessed forcing people to ‘like’ your updates, you’re doing fine.


Likewise, it’s not difficult to search for instances in your everyday conversations when you want to feel encouraged.

You know one of those moments when you’re looking for people to tell you that you’re doing fine ().



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