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She has a unique viewpoint of race to say the least. I had the nurse ask my daughter if she knew the alphabet.

She says she’s had the police called on her husband when he went to pick up their children from a Boulder preschool; she’s had a circle of gun-drawn state troopers surround their car with small children in the back only to write no ticket; and she’s had an older woman slap the hand of her 3-year-old daughter in a Boulder grocery store when she went to grab something. I have four other white children, I never recall them asking my school age child if they knew the alphabet.” Landsman says her biracial children’s schooling has vacillated between public and private, Boulder and not Boulder, mostly because the public school system here failed them.

And I say Asheville has smaller mountains but greater interracial relationships.” Wilson talks carefully, but always with a layer of conviviality beneath his words. ’ and at this point I’m like, ‘What is it that you want from me?

He makes an effort to smile, which is why someone may have been prompted to tell him recently that “He’s one of the good ones.” Anyway: “I was taking the bus down to Denver and as we were standing in line, a security guard asked me for my ID and nobody else. He said, ‘We just got a complaint that somebody took something.’ And I didn’t feel comfortable asking him why I was the one singled out because it might escalate the issue. I’m pretty sure somebody could’ve called and said, ‘There’s a black guy wearing a blue shirt,’ and I just happened to fit that profile. I was walking somewhere and they wanted to know what I was up to because they had heard about some robberies in the area,” Jones says. ’ And so he’s trying to be all matter-of-fact about it.

’ And then he says, ‘You know, I think he’s going to be a football player.

I can see the dollar signs dripping off him.’ “For me it was like doubly impactful because it was another situation where we were going through this kind of stuff, but it was the first time I experienced it with my son.




“Boulder’s a really hard place to feel like you belong here. I guess there’s a thin line between awareness and paranoia. It comes from experiences.” ‘Children of color are not expected to be smart.’ Judith Landsman has lived in Boulder since 1977, and when she married a dark-skinned man from the Virgin Islands, she blended the two biracial children she had with him with the four white children she had from a previous marriage.But Landsman says the really sinister racism in Boulder, in her experience, comes from the institutions, namely the education system. “My son went right into the private school system, and that was wonderful in a lot of ways,” Landsman says.



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    Mc Cool was married to high school sweetheart Jeremy Alexander until 2006.

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