Who is bea alonzo dating eletrongammadating com

She has accumulated the net worth which is in the range of a million dollar or more. Bea Alonzo looks are also what has made her attractive to all of her fans.She has the measurements of 34-25-35 and her height is 5 feet and 6 inches. For her education, she was enrolled in the Jose Abad Santos Memorial School situated in Quezon City.She has also been known to have studied in The Fisher Valley College, Ususan Elementary School as well as the Colegio de Sta Ana.Her career further extended with several films and TV series’ which included the super hit series ‘Sana Bukas pa ang Kaha’ and she also has received many awards and nominations for her performances over the years.



Earlier this month, Alonzo admitted she and Marudo are going through some challenges but are working on it.She has also appeared as Betty Person in the sitcom Yp Soy Betty La Fea.



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