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It is critical to know what is important to the person you are trying to reach, in order to understand how to assist them.To determine what is going to be effective, start by asking, “Why do you believe it to be the truth?



Soriano is misusing the Bible and exploiting Christianity through torturing Scriptures into lies in order to amass wealth and enrich himself. So, one need to understand that the so called Members of Church God International is nothing but a satanic cult and a Soriano, who refers himself as a god and who teaches that God has an ass and that Ladies will not enter Heaven unless they become men, also approves Homosexuality and many members in the Dating Daan have left the cult because of Soriano’s these damnable teachings.

Or if they go and ask their ministers but they refuse to tell them, then tell them that that is a sure sign that ADD is duping them and it is high time they searched for information about the ADD externally.

Why would an organization claiming to be directed by God refuse to disclose information about itself?

” This can vary greatly, but the key reasons are usually one or more of the following: Once you know what the important areas are for the person you are talking to, you will be able to research and then respond to those areas.


At the same time, attempt to determine what doubts or disappointments they have with the Organization, as these are topics to build upon.

You will encounter the excuse that Apostles also made mistakes.



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