Your computer must be restarted for updating to continue

Another common cause of kernel panic is an accessory or peripheral device that isn’t working properly with Mac OS, creating kernel panic every time you try to use it (this can be immediately on startup up or a few minutes after turning your Mac on, depending on the situation). Simply remove everything attached to your Mac — that includes mice, keyboards, drives, anything connected to your ports.

Generally, Apple devices like the Magic Mouse are fine if you need at least one device connected to use your Mac.

Is your Mac suddenly restarting for seemingly no reason?

It’s incredibly frustrating to come back to your computer, only to find out it’s mysteriously shut down and rebooted.

If removing the software fixes the problem, then you’ll have to avoid downloading that particular app, at least until it gets an update.

On the plus side, removing unneeded software is a good way to speed up your Mac.

First, look at the popup message and see if there’s an option to look at with a “More Info…” button.

This doesn’t always tell the average user much, but sometimes the problem details will show the name of the software causing the problem so you know where to look.

Plug in one peripheral at a time and keep testing your Mac.If these resets solve your problem, your Mac should be good to go.Sometimes minor resets aren’t enough to fix the problem.You can often fix this issue by resetting your Mac hardware settings. The easiest way to do this is to press the “Option,” “Command,” “P,” and “R” keys at the same time as your Mac is turning back on. Second, reset your System Management Controller, or SMC.

This will revert any changes you’ve made, such as to the screen or to battery behaviors. There are a few different ways to do this based on the type of Mac that you have, so take a look at specific instructions for each case.

Note: If at all possible, try to save your Mac OS settings and valuable data on an external drive when you run into this constant startup problem.


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