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Apart from this religion, people also follow Protestant faith. Some also practice Santeria, an Afro-Caribbean religion that originated in Cuba.In ancient days, Puerto Ricans were best-known for the art of oral storytelling.Both Spanish and English are official languages of Puerto Rico, but mainly Spanish is the spoken language.English is used as compulsory second language in schools, and is widely used in business, industry, and research.They are very cordial and genuine people and lead a very peaceful life.

One can get the best source of information of arts and crafts by visiting the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture in the Dominican Convent in Old San Juan.

Güiro, a notched hollowed-out gourd is a famous Puerto Rican musical instrument.

Puerto Rican music has evolved in many forms, from classical folk music to Salsa, Bomba, and Plena.

The island is located in Northeastern Caribbean, East of Dominican Republic, and West of the Virgin Islands.

Puerto Rican archipelago includes the main land and many islands like Culebra, Vieques, and Mona.The men wore a tailed cotton shirt with cotton slacks and woven straw hat, while the women would be dressed in long skirt, and low-cut blouse.


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