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Giracha Kachiloch (Grey Bells) Amharic novel By Adam Reta Shama Books, June 2005 467 pages, Price 25 birr Adam Reta is no stranger to the Ethiopian literary scene.He has produced a number of well-crafted short stories including Mahlet and Izabel that had received wide acclaim by the literary circle.There is no selection of incident for the core of climax it might have contained.Whatever happens derives its value from the mere fact of the central character’s awareness and interest.Mezgebu’s stepmother happened to be an odious woman who made his life hell.



The entire novel is about the life, his isolation, his young unrequited love, and his exploration of the various nooks and crannies of his village, how he copes with the tragedies and his awakening.

Mezgebu’s respite from the solitude and the constant turmoil around him was when he was in the company of his favorite fiction book Chereka Sitiweta (When The Moon Comes Out) written by Berhanu Zerihun.


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