Dating a girl from a different country

He told stories about famous landmarks, and showed me the best places for food and shopping. Another story he told me was about the face of a woman on Church Santa Maria Maggiore. On all of the dates I went on with the Italian man, I met him in public.For example, when we were walking on the Ponte Vecchio he told me this was the only bridge Hitler didn’t bomb during WWII. Be sure to be a good listener and try to learn as much as you can about the culture of the country you are in from your date. I did not go to his home and I made sure to meet him in a public area.For many expats, moving to another country can be accompanied by a romantic endeavor.Take advantage of of the dating opportunities presented in a foreign country, and have the best experience possible by using this advice on how to find love when abroad. Whether you’re visiting or staying permanently for school, a job, or just plain fun, it’s an endless adventure of exotic food, fun culture, beautiful new scenery, and don’t forget the good old currency conversion laugh… But once the glow of the “new and shiny” has faded, one thing begins to settle in: loneliness.


He was the most color-coordinated man I’ve ever seen. For my date, I researched what Italian women wear on a date.

No matter how long you’re staying, picking up a few key phrases or words is important when visiting a new country.


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