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2.) He came back to Finland to get treatments which were offered to WW2 veterans and to meet his friends like SOLMU MKEL, magicien. He learned my a trick I use to practice even today. If you have any kind of conventional recorder (CD recorder, cassette, whatever)) you could just run audio out from a video player to capture the soundtrack of "Live in New Orleans." Location: Rockport, ME Subject: Bessie Smith Greetings all. Web: My link Nw C: Good of you to mention Thunder Bay. " I said, "Anyone named Timo has to be from Thunder Bay, plus the teeshirt saying 'Suomi'".

A funny coincidence is that LEIVO is the same bird as woodlark. It is maybe because I listen to FRANCO BATTIATO's 'Chanson egocentrique'! Im looking for a recording of Norah Jones covering Bessie Smith. A couple years ago we went to the local record store / folk music venue one afternoon to see who was playing that day. Speaking of which, the link is to what is apparently the autobiography of my grade 9 French teacher, who moonlighted as a juggler, clown and actor.

Its on a video that I have, but Id like to get it on cd. We were early so the owner introduced us to the young duo, Timo and Tyler, music students at the college down the street. I gather that he moved from Finland to Canada in the late 1940s to work in the mines in Northern Ontario and eventually retired to Finland.

The Wikipedia entry for him seems to have him dying in Canada in 2006 - but it's in Finnish so maybe it really says something else. By the way, if you see the book and it has an index, Dunbarton High should be mentioned. Location: Greater Copenhagen Subject: The schoolboy band - 50th anniversary Latest video from our schoolboy band in Finland (or what is still left of it - no, I am not a member anymore). Please google (or use Duck Duck Go, even better): Ville Valo & Agents - Paratiisi | Emma Gaala 2019 .

Charlie Y: one can only hope we'll eventually get more visuals on the orig 5 at Woodstock?

Subject: twee My best definition was "precious" but I don't think you use that either.

I recently was "put out to pasture" at my job, so I hope to work my way back into the discussions here now. haso: Yes, it's true Robbie said The Band didn't know how to read the crowd at Woodstock 50 years ago this month (especially since they couldn't see beyond the first few rows in the darkness) and they did play a somewhat subdued set as a result.

The most bizarre moment from the outtakes of the film was seeing a good number of what was left of the festival audience that Monday morning walking AWAY from Jimi Hendrix as he played one of his most famous sets. v=pv WGgw FP7No Nw C: Apparently we've scared everyone else away because of all this Fenno-centric talk, so I guess we should return to mucic.

Actually, with your links to Ireland, check out anything by Maura OConnell. Hope you are getting some rest and that your work situation has improved, with you travelling less.


I only know three Joni Mitchell albums well and am tempted by the new box set.He was a brilliant juggler, the highlight - by a long shot - of the annual Christmas show the teachers put on.



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