I am a scorpio woman dating a scorpio man


It is sometimes hard for someone who is not a Scorpio to understand a Scorpio, and it is a relief to not have that barrier in this relationship.The magnetism of the couple has been superbly personified on the Bollywood screen by the electrifying combination in hit after hit of Ashwarya Rai and Shahrukh Khan.If ever a man in the world needed seducing, it’s a Virgo man. The Scorpio woman does the choosing, but if you have your eye set on her, your best bet is to show an intense sexual vibration in your aura.This is one lady who moves quickly to consummation — if she’s interested at all — and all you have to do is be a willing participant.

Of all the signs, these are the two least likely to date around, to date casually, or to be players. We mean nothing negative about this; it’s just the nature of spiders and flies.

She’ll be on to you from the minute you enter the room. When you walk in the room, use your sonar vibe to locate him, send signals, await response, keep it all submerged and out of sight. When he finally walks over, say “What a nice surprise.” Off the charts! Indian films never show consummated love, and Scorpios are here to remind all of us that romance is a feeling as well as a series of actions. The intensity and devotion of a Scorpio-Scorpio couple is demonstrated by the historical record of the relationship of John and Abigail Adams.

Once you establish by your internal sonar that she is approachable, please advance as directly as possible. This couple went through fire for one another, which is not unusual. Since it takes a Scorpio to understand a Scorpio the possibility of real friendship blossoming is very good due to the sincere trust and admiration between the two.

You probably need to muster up some emotions and say a few of the right things, but she’ll pretty much take control If she’s not interested she’ll flick you off like a fly on her shoulder and you’ll just have to take “no” for an answer. (Of course it’s well known that Virgo likes to “reform the whore.”) Scorpio will be oriented toward sex and emotions, tending to excess in both.

By way of encouragement, I will add that your discriminating faculties are usually correct. Virgo can supply a fine stream of romantic counter-point, bringing the relationship into balance.

Their sexual union will be almost religious in nature, producing ecstasy and profound communion.



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